1. Staggered inkjet printing
2. Suction system upgrade
3. Tension control system
4. Conical powder box upgrade


1. High efficient printing
2. Intelligent alarm cartridge
3. High precision printing
4. Print Varnish and 3D Relief Effects


1. A3+ Borderless Photo Printing
2. Superb Savings And Page Yield
3. Unsurpassed Print Quality
4. Designed For High Productivity

DTF Supplies

1. DTF heat transfer films
2. DTF hot melt powder
3. DTF textile pigment inks
4. Rip software and more...

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About Sublistar

We put our passion, dedication, and expertise to help our clients manage their textile printing easily. We love what we do and we are motivated to deliver an outstanding service.


Benefits From Sublistar Machine

With our equipment you can reach multiple markets including clothing, customization, accessories, home textiles, advertising and more. Get huge business opportunities!

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