Pre-sale Issues

How long does it take for a package to arrive through express delivery?

Printer consumables typically take around 7-10 days to arrive, while the shipping time for the printer machine itself is approximately 20-40 days.

How to calculate the shipping cost?

In order to thank new and old customers, we offer free shipping on the entire website. As for consumables, they only need to reach the starting quantity to get free shipping. For details, please refer to the product page!

Does the Printers comes with software?

Depending on which bundle.Most of our printer bundles will include rip software (unless specify).

Do l need white ink to print on black and dark t-shirts?

Yes, you need to have a white base in order to make black or dark t-shirts. If you do not use a white base on your design, it will look dark.

Do l need the transfer film?

Yes, you need DTF transfer film so the DTF inks be able to print and stay on it DTF transfer fim have a coated side that holds the inks.

Do you offer wholesale prices?

Please contact us shop@subli-star.com to check wholesale availability and send us the quantity of the product you are interested for a quote.

Do l need a heat press?

Yes, the heat press press can be used to design on t-shirts or if you are using it to cure the powder.

What type of ink use the DTF Printers?

lt use DTF inks that are specific for transfer flim to be use on dark and light garment like 100%. cotton,polyester, blends, spandex flex leather.

Do l need the powder?

Yes, without the DTF powder you will not be able to finish the DTF transfer or press the design.

After-sales Issues

Do you offer support for DTF?

Yes, we offer online support via email or chat, and a manufacturer technician can be contacted via chat or video call. We also have a community group to help with questions HERE

Do you provide tutorials for the machine?

Yes, we have video tutorials online that you can watch step by step on how to setup and print. Watch videos HERE We will send you more tutorial videos after purchase.

Do you ship any where?

Yes, we can ship to all over the world and we have agents in many countries, maybe you may encounter difficulties when importing the package, but please don't worry, we will provide thoughtful one-on-one after-sales service to ensure you The product can be received and used normally.

Where do we ship from?

Our orders are shipped directly from our factory in China. Shipping to most countries worldwide, we work with a dedicated shipping team to provide you with discounted shipping rates.

How long is the warranty time?

Sublistar provides a 24-month warranty for printing machines including DTF, UV, DTG, Sublimation, Heat Press Machine and the components except consumables such as powder, ink, etc. Our technicians can be issued a replacement on some parts that will be covered in the limited warranty. Technicians can assist by chat or video chat to help replace a part and troubleshoot during this time. Once the limited warranty ends, the customers are responsible for any parts costs and troubleshooting. Customers may self-install parts or use their technicians, but Sublistar is not responsible for damages caused during self-repair.

What does the sublistar warranty information not cover?

1.The consumables such as powder, ink, paper, film etc. are not covered by warranty.
2.The print heads of the following series are not covered by warranty:
DTF-A3+Star IV DTF Printer & Shaker

DTF-A3+Ultra A All-in-one DTF Printing Machine

UV Star IV Series Machine

UV Star III Series Machine

DTG DTX Series Machine

Sublimation SUB Series Machine

What does sublistar warranty information include?

Sublistar company provides 3-6 months free warranty service for the print head for the following series of machines.
During this period, technicians will assist in replacing print head parts and troubleshooting through chat or video chat. If the problems cannot be resolved, a new print head will be replaced for free. Once the limited warranty ends, the customer will be responsible for any parts costs and troubleshooting. Customers can install parts themselves or use their technicians, but Sublistar is not responsible for damage caused during the self-repair process.
DTF-600 Series Star IV DTF Printer & Shaker

DTF-1200 Series Star IV DTF Printer & Shake

DTF-600 Series Star III DTF Printer & Shaker

DTF-1200 Series Star III DTF Printer & Shaker

DTF-600 Series Eco Star III DTF Printer & Shaker

DTF-600 Series Ultra II DTF Printer & Shaker

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