DTF Film: A Comprehensive Guide to Usage and Purchase

DTF Film: A Comprehensive Guide to Usage and Purchase

English Names for DTF Film

When discussing DTF Film, you might come across various English terms. Apart from the commonly used “DTF Film“, it’s also referred to as “DTF Transfer Sheets“, “DTF Paper“, “DTF Transfer Paper“, “DTF Sheets“, and “DTF Transfer Film“. The two most widely recognized terms are “DTF Film” and “DTF Transfer Sheets“.

Table of Contents

  • English Names for DTF Film

  • Purpose and Usage of DTF Film

Purpose and Usage of DTF Film

A transfer film made especially for direct-to-film printing technology is called DTF Film. It makes it possible to print designs straight onto the film, which can then be heat-pressed into a variety of items, including hats, shoes, T-shirts, and more. Basically, it's really simple to use DTF Film: you print the design using special inks on the film, then sprinkle DTF powder on it and heat-set it. Finally, you use a heat press to transfer the pattern to the appropriate object. This printing technique not only produces excellent effects but also works well with a variety of materials and is reasonably priced.

Choosing the Right DTF Film

The compatibility of DTF film with your printer and ink should be your top priority while shopping. To get the finest printing results, make sure the DTF Film you choose precisely matches your printer and ink. Take into account the DTF Film's size as well to make sure it will fulfill your printing requirements. You can speak with one of our knowledgeable professionals at Sublistar before making a purchase. To assist you, we provide free technical consultancy services. Choosing the appropriate DTF Film guarantees a seamless printing procedure and pleasing outcomes.

Our Featured Film

Water Ripples Effect DTF Film

The DTF (Digital Transfer Film) water ripple effect film presents a magical water flow and sparkling visual effect when exposed to light. The deeper the pattern color, the better the effect.

It is worth noting that after peeling off the film during use, it cannot be pressed again. The pressing time should be 30 seconds.

The film has excellent transfer effect, vibrant colors, scratch-resistant, and washable.

The key features are:

  • Water ripple visual effect when exposed to light
  • Deeper pattern colors result in better effects
  • Can only be applied once, pressing time is 30 seconds
  • Excellent transfer, vibrant colors, scratch-resistant, and washable

Premuim Glitter Gold/ Silver DTF Transfer Film

The remarkable DTF (Digital Transfer Film) film has a sparkling glitter effect, providing a modern solution to add unique charm and luster to your textile printing. This innovative printing technology allows your designs to shimmer and gleam under light, capturing attention and captivating anyone who sees them.

The key points are:

  • Sparkling glitter effect from the DTF film
  • Offers a modern solution for textile printing
  • Adds unique charm and luster to printed designs
  • Innovative printing technology makes the designs shimmer and gleam under light
  • Designs are eye-catching and mesmerizing for anyone who sees them

This DTF film technology brings a captivating, shimmering quality to textile prints, delivering a modern and visually striking solution for adding extra appeal and allure to your designs.