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Technical Highlights:

  • Model: Precipitation-free DTF Ink
  • Color: C, M, Y, K, W
  • Volume: 1000ml Per Bag/Bottle
  • Applicable Printhead: EPSON I3200/ I1600/ XP600/ 4720 Print Heads etc.

Top Features:

  • No precipitation, no stirring, no filtration
  • Ink dispersant formulation upgrade, no flocculation
  • Stronger the covering power of white ink
  • More environmental friendly and user-friendly

This link contains:

A bottle of white ink,

A kilogram of white powder

Product Highlight

Wider Color Gamut, More Selective For DTF Printing

The richer the DTF ink color system, the more selective the DTF printing color. SUBLISTAR multi-color textile DTF ink greatly meets the market demand for color, ink fluidity, adhesion, breathability, softness, and other excellent performance, is widely used in fashion, T-shirts, hats, denim, hoodies, canvas bags, pillows, sportswear, shoes, etc.



DTF Ink Application

With the improvement of people’s quality of life, people increasingly favor exaggerated patterns, bright colors, and more hip, cooler personalized DTF printing apparel, which requires the choice of more and more accurate colors to reflect people’s self-aesthetic, to meet people’s personalized expression, so spot color, fluorescent color DTF ink also has a more widespread application. Specific applications include T-shirts, denim, hoodies, decorative fabrics, wall coverings, pillows, etc.



Q:  Do you do OEM goods? 
A:  Yes, we can supply OEM custom products service. 

Q:  How can I get the DTF ink samples?
A: Please select the product you are interested in on the product page of our official website and leave your email address, cell phone number info, we have professional sales contact you directly about sample testing.

Q: What’s the DTF ink minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
A: 50Liters

Q:  Is DTF ink printing limited to just Cotton or Polyester Shirts?
A:  No. Unlike other printing methods like direct-to-garment (DTG) or dye-sublimation, a DTF transfer can go onto any type of garment, including cotton, 50/50, polyester, and tri-blends.

Q: What is your delivery time?
A: Generally speaking, it is arranged in about 15-25 working days after full payment or deposit is received.

Q: How is your DTF ink quality control?
A: We have a professional quality control team that performs 100% testing before delivery.

Q: How do I order DTF ink from you?
A: After you confirm the order details, we will send you a pro-forma invoice for confirmation. After payment is received, we will arrange production.
The shipping method is communicated to you and the final shipping product will be sent out within the agreed time.

Q: What are your payment methods?
A: T/T, D/P, D/A, Paypal, Western Union.

Q: How much tax should we pay?
A: Please get in touch with your local customs or import agent for details.

Q: What is the DTF ink warranty?
A: Our DTF ink comes with a one-year warranty. 


Precipitation-free DTF Ink Specification


Ink ModelNo Precipitation DTF Ink
Ink TypeWater-based Pigment ink
ColorC/ M/ Y/ K/ W
Applicable Print HeadEpson I3200/ XP600/ I1600/ 4720 etc print heads
Print MethodDirect-to-Film 
RelatedHot Melt Powder, Film
Feature100% Safe, Environmental Protection, Without Any Harmful Substances
Shelf Life12 Months
Quality Control100% Testing Before Leaving Factroy
Transport PackageCarton
Ink PackageBottle/ Bag Available
ApplicationWidely used for T-shirts, Canvas bag, Hoodies, Jeans,etc various textiles


Precipitation-free DTF Ink Fluency


ColorWashing times Installation print heads testsNozzle status after high-speed mode continuous printing 100m2Fluency test results
C0Ok No line-missing and no mis-inkjetingQualified
M0OkNo line-missing and no mis-inkjetingQualified
Y0OkNo line-missing and no mis-inkjetingQualified
K0OkNo line-missing and no mis-inkjetingQualified
W0OkNo line-missing and no mis-inkjetingQualified
Each batch of ink has to pass strictly aging tests before shipment,to ensure the good and stable quality.











Limited Warranty:

Sublistar provides a 24-month warranty for printing machines including DTF, UV, DTG, Sublimation, Heat Press Machine and the components except consumables such as powder, ink, etc. Our technicians can be issued a replacement on some parts that will be covered in the limited warranty. Technicians can assist by chat or video chat to help replace a part and troubleshoot during this time. Once the limited warranty ends, the customers are responsible for any parts costs and troubleshooting. Customers may self-install parts or use their technicians, but Sublistar is not responsible for damages caused during self-repair.

Section 2 - What is covered

Sublistar company provides 3-6 months free warranty service for the print head for the following series of machines.
During this period, technicians will assist in replacing print head parts and troubleshooting through chat or video chat.
If the problems cannot be resolved, a new print head will be replaced for free. Once the limited warranty ends, the customer will be responsible for any parts costs and troubleshooting. Customers can install parts themselves or use their technicians, but Sublistar is not responsible for damage caused during the self-repair process.

  • DTF-600 Series Star IV DTF Printer & Shaker
  • DTF-1200 Series Star IV DTF Printer & Shaker
  • DTF-600 Series Star III DTF Printer & Shaker
  • DTF-1200 Series Star III DTF Printer & Shaker
  • DTF-600 Series Eco Star III DTF Printer & Shaker
  • DTF-600 Series Ultra II DTF Printer & Shaker

Section 3 - What is not covered

  1. The consumables such as powder, ink, paper, film etc. are not covered by warranty.
  2. The print heads of the following series are not covered by warranty:
  • DTF-A3+Star IV DTF Printer & Shaker
  • DTF-A3+Ultra A All-in-one DTF Printing Machine
  • UV Star IV Series Machine
  • UV Star III Series Machine
  • DTG DTX Series Machine
  • Sublimation SUB Series Machine

Please note that:

  1. If you have any questions after the receipt of our Sublistar products, please feel free to contact us via any online means and we would be delighted to offer you kind service within the warranty period.
  2. The equipments that are covered by warranty can be repaired or replaced within the warranty period if they are not artificially damaged.
  3. If you find the equipment problems and handle them by yourself after the receipt of our products or require for any repair or replacement after the warranty period, Sublistar would not bear any responsibilities.

For questions or any concerns about the policy, please contact us at support@subli-star.com.


Dear International Customers,
Our orders are shipped directly from our factory in China. Shipping to most countries worldwide, we work with a dedicated shipping team to provide you with discounted shipping rates.
Please select the most suitable shipping mode according to your requirements:

  • Expedited Shipping Options:
    International Express Delivery (Such as DHL/TNT/FedEx/UPS/EMS): Fast & Convenient, suitable for goods with small volume and light weight like components or samples.
    Shipping Time: On average, 7-10 working days to most countries.
    Air Transportation Fast & Convenient. For expedited shipments of goods, including oversized items. The freight forwarder transports the goods from original place to destination airport, and the customers need to handle customs clearance and pick up the goods by themself.
    Shipping Time: On average, 10-20 working days to most countries.

  • Economy Shipping Options:
    Sea Transportation
    Cost-effective, suitable for shipment of large amounts of goods. It is the shipping method most customers choose.
    The freight forwarder transports the goods from the original place to the destination seaport, and the customer needs to handle customs clearance and pick up the goods by himself.
    Shipping Time: On average, 20-40 working days to most countries.

  • Sea Transportation Door to Door
    Safe & Convenient & Flexible & One-stop Service, suitable for customers who may not be familiar with the shipping procedure and want to save trouble.
    The freight forwarder transports the goods directly from the original place to the destination and handles customs clearance and delivery.
    Shipping Time: On average, 20-40 working days to most countries.
    Please note that:
    1.Shipping time is in addition to any processing or production time. Due to high demand for machines and equipment, some equipment requires a lead time for production.
    2.Business days are M-F and start counting from the date that the carrier receives the parcel, we hand off most parcels to the carrier on the same day.

For questions or any concerns about the policy, please contact us at support@subli-star.com